Our winter fashion wardrobe can be divided two ways; on-trend pieces & everlasting classics.

On-trend pieces are what makes fashion fun; modern prints, relatable quotes, quirky cuts & fresh designs. Everlasting classics are the trusty backbone of your wardrobe, and you probably have a lot of them in your arsenal already – like the LBD, a tailored blazer and button up white shirt.

Both categories have flaws: on-trend pieces age into obscurity rapidly and everlasting classics become a little tired. The solution? Purchase something currently on-trend that can easily become a foundation piece for the future – and stay in style longer than a couple of months.

It may sound like a jolly dream of the fashion clan, but we assure you that these mystical pieces do exist. Case and point: Novo’s Hailey Black Boots. If this shoe was a sound, it would be rit-reow; if it had an occupation, it would be the supreme ruler of the world.

Let’s meet the boot that will rule your winter fashion wardrobe:

These Boots Are Your Smartest Winter Fashion Purchase

Hailey Black Boot – NOVO Shoes ($99.95)

If you’re still questioning their ability to meet the fashion needs of now while performing spectacularly on the style scene in the future, we’ve compiled a research paper blog on their versatility. We present: One Pair of Boots; 3 Weekend Outfits: A Scholarly Discussion Into Just Why These Kicks Are Killer. 

Friday Fiesta

These Boots Are Your Smartest Winter Fashion Purchase

The clock’s hit 5pm and the working week is done! File away finance reports, tuck away to-do lists – that’s for Monday to deal with. While the Friday feeling is euphoric, dressing for the day can be tricky. You need an outfit that will be suitable for the 9-5 game without compromising on risque-ness for those after work drinks. A structured black top and three quarter culottes are good, but the Hailey Boot elevates the ensemble completely for ‘woman on a mission‘ feel.

Flare Sleeve Ponte Top – Sportsgirl ($69.95); Stone Poplin Bow Pants – TOPSHOP at MYER ($84.95); Ilsa Timepeace – MIMCO at MYER ($199)

Weekend Brunch

These Boots Are Your Smartest Winter Fashion Purchase

Toasted croissants, chocolate topped chai lattes, meticulously laid out acai bowls and not-so-simple eggs on toast; Saturday brunch is without a doubt everyone’s favourite time of the week. Match the excitement of your gastronomical adventure with an equally-as-exciting outfit. Navy? Ocean? Heaven knows what the blue of this Sass & Bide jumper is called, but it gives a hint of luxe to an otherwise sturdy piece. How sturdy, you ask? The kind that allows you to unashamedly drop toast crumbs down it.

Pu A-Line Mini Skirt – Sportsgirl ($69.95); Dancing In Space Flared Knit – Sass & Bide at MYER ($345); Cream Pouch Stripe Smooth Leather – Mon Purse at MYER ($129); Gold Jordan Circle Earrings – Sportsgirl ($14.95) 

Sunday Afternoon Soiree

Is it an engagement party, a hen’s do or a distant relatives 50th birthday? The bubbles have gone to your head a little and all you’re really sure of is that you definitely want a few more of those circling canapes. As the afternoon progresses, you watch one-after-one as party goers opt out of the dance floor to sit and nurse their tired feet. You keep shimmying though, so comfortably snug in your NOVO booties that the only question on your mind is ‘can I get away with another glass of bubbly?

Gingham Off The Shoulder Dress – SEED at MYER ($129.95); Black Split Cuff Blazer – TOPSHOP at MYER ($55); Grey Tassel Drama Drop Earrings – Portmans ($29.95)

Johanna Borger x