Love them or hate them – the cooler months are coming.

I can almost hear a collective sigh around Perth from the lovers of scarves, blankets & falling leaves. But for the self-confessed summer-obsessed, don’t take this as a death sentence. There are ways to not only endure – but enjoy this winter season. Don’t believe us? Here’s some proof: chocolate is involved.

1. Weather-Proof Your Outdoor Gear.

The Perth climate is brilliant in the fact that even in the height of our winter months, there will always be a few rain-free days to enjoy the outdoors. To prepare for these joyous occasions, make sure your garden furniture is well looked-after and not left ravaged by bad weather. While it sounds simple, it’s something many of us forget to consider in our busy lives. Write yourself a note to treat the material on your outdoor setting before the storm season hits and cover-up furniture when not in use. Keep it by your desk, on your fridge or somewhere well-visited in your home to constantly jolt your memory. This way, furniture stays in tack, you get to enjoy brisk mornings on the deck and – come summer- you get to enjoy the alfresco life once more!

preparing your home for the cooler months

Garden Party Set From Morgan & Finch – Available at Bed Bath N’ Table.

2. Think About Colour.

Infuse your spaces with pops of cheery colour to ward away any winter blues. A striking quilt, a boldly patterned pillow or a simple vase of natives will ensure your home’s neutral spaces don’t succumb to the stark and dreary weather outside. And if colour isn’t your forte, try incorporating subtle gold accents to a room. Providing a warming feel, they will effectively give a “midas touch” to any room, hallway or empty space.

From left: Two Tone Hanging Pot by Morgan & Finch – Bed Bath N’ Table (on sale for $9.95); Chelsea Round Table by VUE – MYER ($249);  Arish Quilt Cover – Bed Bath N’ Table (From $119.95 King Single)

3. Re-arrange Your Furniture.

Just as the pool is the focal point for summer, the living room is the place-to-be for Autumn and Winter. If you have a fireplace in your home, make sure there’s plenty of seating by the hearth for cozy conversations. Invest in a cozy rug to keep those toes snug and, for all the book lovers out there, carve out a reading nook stocked with your favourite tomes. Consider natural light, or arrange a lamp to perfectly illuminate the space. Now all that is needed is to organise that book list…

preparing your home for the cooler months

All Titles Available From MYER

4. Winter-fy the Kitchen.

Homemade beef stews, pumpkin soup with warm bread, still-hot-from-the-oven apple pie. Winter has always been the mecca for comfort food and indulgence. Don’t leave the dinner parties for summer – just swap chardonnay for shiraz and alfresco for the hearth. Double check those kitchen cupboards for the winter culinary essentials: slow cooker, bread maker, cake tins, oven gloves, and lots of herbs and spices!

preparing your home for the cooler months

From left: Vincent Double Oven Glove by Morgan & Finch – Bed Bath N’ Table ($19.95); Stainless Steel Bread Maker by Panasonic – MYER ($349.00); Sophia Dining Stone Set by Morgan & Finch – Bed Bath N’ Table (from $3.95 – $34.95)

5. Prepare For Bad Weather.

It’s easy to romanticise power outrages & wild storms. Blanket forts, heating tea on the gas stove, listening to the rain fall outside. But, like most romances – the honeymoon period soon wears out and your desire for order (and electricity) wins over. Stock up on storm essentials at Woolworths: candles, matches, flashlights, batteries, first aid necessities and (of course) an emergency chocolate stash.

preparing your home for the cooler months

6. Throw Down.

In winter, a good throw becomes a means of currency. Everyone in the household wants to claim the comfy, warming blanket for their chilly night movie session. Avoid trading off your hot chocolate to a spouse/ sibling / family member / pet and make sure your home is at a one-throw-per-house-member ratio to prevent any squabbling.

preparing your home for the cooler months
Above: Stripe Panel Knit Throw – Bed Bath N’ Table ($79.95)

Johanna Borger x