Nail Chloe’s Bold Smudged Liner Look With A Little Help From Benefit – MYER.

As far as we’re concerned, Chloe won at Fashion Week Beauty. Luminous skin paired with slightly smudged eyeliner gave off the untouchably cool vibe usually reserved for Gigi Hadid at red carpet events. And we all want a piece of the Hadid vibe; even if it is wiped off with make-up remover 12 hours later.

Admittedly, I am not a frequent wearer or makeup. It’s not that I don’t like it, I’m just easily overwhelmed by all the products and their varying uses. I’m that girl down the beauty asile staring a pot of highlighter with the intensity of Gollum, trying to fathom how it works. And if you’ve never met that girl, you’re probably her.

So, to provide you with a legitimate beauty tutorial, we’ve partnered with the geniuses of all things luminous and luxe – Benefit Cosmetics! Read on as we recreate the beauty trend from the Chloe runway in 7 easy steps (with help from my running inner commentary)

The Beauty Trend We Set Out To Recreate

Chloe Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

It says ‘you have 5 minutes of my time while I sip my latte- I am busy, important and very very mesmerising’

All Images From Vogue.Com

STEP ONE: Start In Your Prime

The difference between nice and absolutely hauntingly beautiful makeup occurs well before any eyeshadow or contouring palettes. Priming your face before any makeup application is essential – like stretching before your F45 class or eating 3 leftover easter eggs afterwards. Not only will priming combat any shine or imperfections, but it will ensure that any product you apply stays on all day and night for endless beauty fun.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

We started with Total Moisture Face Cream and  It’s Potent! Eye Cream to neutralise my stayed-up-too-late-watching-Netflix dark circles; followed by a full-faced application of POREfessional face primer. The result: skin that feels smoother-than-smooth. I most certainly did not wake up like this.

STEP TWO: Lay The Foundation

The importance of a good base is understood well outside the make-up realm. Ever tried to build a house without a sturdy, concrete base? Well, no – I haven’t either. But I assume it wouldn’t end well.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

We start with the main event: Foundation. A few pumps of Hello Flawless! Brightening Foundation makes me look like a socialite who visits the spa weekly. Genetics was not kind to me in the 1cm area under my eyes, but make-up artist Kashah is on the ball. After applying a dab of Fake Up Under Eye Concealer any remnants of my dark circles have vamoosed. Add a swipe of Stay Don’t Stray Eyeshadow Primer across my lids, Bene Balm on my lips and finish up with a brush of Hello Flawless! Powder Foundation to keep it all together.

STEP THREE: Eyes – Part I

Grab out that eye palette – it’s time for the fun bit.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

Kashah starts the eyes with the They’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit. Aptly named, just looking at it makes me feel 10x sexier. After applying a neutral brown powder across my eyelids, BADgal Waterproof liner is used to line my eyes. Starting small, a line is drawn across the top of my eyelid and just below, connected by little flick in the corner to add lift.

STEP FOUR: Eyes – Part II

A sequel that doesn’t suck. Part II is all about emphasising.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

Kashah continues drawing on the liner and smudging as she goes; I watch on as my eyes get more and more intense. A little dab of High Brow Glow Pencil is added to the inner corner of my eye for an extra hit of wow and a few swipes of Roller Lash Mascara has got me batting my fluttery eyelashes at suitable bachelors. Unfortunately, there’s not too many walking through in the beauty section of MYER.

STEP FIVE: Bold Brows

You can’t visit Benefit without leaving with wow brows.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

Kashah asks me if I want to try the feathered brows look; I answer with hell yeah sister. Using the Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil, my brows are subtly filled in and defined. Ready Set, BROW! Clear Brow Gel is combed through to achieve the desired shape. Starting to feel runway ready.

STEP SIX: Cunning Contouring

Barely-there contouring to add a dash of definition.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

We keep contouring really light; aiming to bring attention to the eyes, not detract from them. Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlight is applied across the top of my cheekbones, and a brush of Hoola Lite Bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks. Kashah works light-handedly and builds up slowly to avoid any OTT Kardashian contouring (or Kontouring, perhaps?).


The look from the Chloe Runway has just a hint of colour; nothing drastic.

Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

For times like these when lipstick is too full-colour & lip gloss is too 2003 schoolgirl, bring out the Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain. We brush a bit of colour on my lips, purse and finish with a swipe of hydrating bene balm. It’s a little darker than the Chloe look, but life’s too short not to have a play with every product at your disposal.


Achieve the Biggest 2017 Beauty Trend in 7 Steps

A miracle has occurred: the girl who doesn’t know anything about beauty looks like she actually does. Walking out of the Benefit booth, I am struck by just how powerful a full face o’ makeup is. I feel more confident; like a 1960s Bond Girl. I look to the sky for a helicopter to drop a ladder and whisk me away on an international espionage adventure. No such event occurs.

Looks like I’ll be joining the bad guys instead.

Johanna Borger x

Find all you need to master this look and more at the Benefit booth, MYER – Forrest Chase.