On September 7, MYER Perth City transformed into a catwalk.

Winding through level one, pathways usually used by browsing shoppers become a runway for models as they strutted past champagne-sipping guests to present the MYER spring collections. Leading the pack was ambassador Kris Smith with his signature swoon-inducing smile, followed closely by Perth’s own crop of top models. Though whether they were simply doing their job or actually hypnotised by an aforementioned smile is still up for debate.

The clothes were equally as enthralling. Full of Australian favourites, the designer line-up saw seasoned MYER veterans like Sass & Bide, Acler, Asilio, Elliatt, M.J. Bale, Cue, Seafolly and Kenji return to the runway with their up-and-coming collections. We also saw a number of new kids on the block join the mix, including the sensual yet structured looks of Mossman, a touch of luxe from Misha Collection and the bohemian outlook of We Are Kindred.

Capturing the event both backstage and on the runway was Perth’s premier fashion photographer Stefan Gosatti – and as we flicked through the images with our analytical (yet fashionable) hats on, we couldn’t help but notice some recurring themes were at play.

Grab a pen and notepad – here’s the low-down of the MYER runway trends.

Oversized is the Right Size

For at least the last 18 months, fashion has had a vendetta against fun jewellery. The minimalist movement only accepted dainty strings of silver and geometric shapes, while normcore shook its head in a firm no against any over-the-top embellishment. Watching the MYER runway, you can see that stylists are so over subdued; they are getting out their biggest bits of bling and bucking the trend in a way that says ‘let’s make accessories interesting again’. The more quizzical the shape and eccentric the design, the better – like these glittering creations from Christie Nicolaides.

Champagne Tastes Better When Provided In Tower Form

(though, #realtalk, it tastes great in all it’s forms)

Picnic Dressing Is In

It seems MYER has the same weird fascination with Picnic At Hanging Rock that I have. A deliberately ambiguous film about the disappearance of several schoolgirls in 1900, the story revolves around two key elements: mystery & amazing lace outfits. So grab your straw boater, pack your cucumber sandwich, throw on your most mischievous demure-yet-racy dress and come join me for a turn-of-the-century luncheon. It’s time to write your own mystery.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Are A Model-Approved Snack

BRB while I pop down to Woolworths.

 70s Waves Are Here To Stay (But Also Never Left)

In the beauty pageant of hair, natural waves are a clear Miss Congeniality. Unlike undercuts and slicked back hair (who are only in the competition for themselves/ only look good on 1% of the population), I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t suit relaxed, voluminous, 70s style waves. Flattering for all face shapes and easy to recreate with just a barrelled curler and texturising spray, the MYER runway embraced the foolproof style of the century. Lazy girls rejoice – we can snooze through our 3rd alarm, spend 5 mins on our hair and still look on trend!

‘It Could Also Be Red’ Orange is Trending

Is it red? Or is it orange? Start posting your opinions on social media because this is the 2017 version of the white-and-gold dress debacle. While just where this shade sits on the colour spectrum is up for debate, it seems designers from Sass & Bide to Elliatt have universally decreed its status as the colour of the spring/ summer season. Add some glamorous millinery and glass of champagne and voila – your Melbourne cup outfit is sorted.

Kris Smith Is Still Mastering Genetics

(And is still everyones celebrity boyfriend)

Beach Bags Must Always Be Carried Over The Right Shoulder

Lord knows what perils will occur if slung over the left. Moving on duffle bag positioning, the MYER runway reminded us West Aussies that our favourite time of the year is almost here. Summer, our beautiful sun-kissed mistress that so unfairly vanishes for half a year and leaves us in beach-less misery.Take this runway as your official reminder: get your swimmers and sunnies ready. And bulk up that bag carrying shoulder too.

If you think you’re wearing too many ruffles, you’re wrong.

Ruffles have taken over fashion, and we should have seen it coming. After all, it started small – with little innocuous frills on the sleeves of shirts, jumpers and dresses over winter. The ruffles on that sweater look cute, we said to friends in the work lunchroom. Little did we know that the trend was taking a firm hold – stitching itself into our collars, bodices, pag legs and hemlines before we could even utter the words this outfit would look so much better with a ruffle. Not that we are complaining though – life under ruffle rule is incredibly just (and flattering). Heard they’re giving us an extra public holiday too.

Taking Yourself Seriously Is So Last Season

If you don’t trust me, trust these MYER models.

Johanna Borger x