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24 May 2012

Blustering winds? Check. Extra blankets on bed? Check. Too cold to get out of bed with time to do your makeup ultimately delivering you to work with a half closed, swollen eye because you've almost poked your eyeball out in attempt to apply mascara during your morning commute? Check and check. People, it's finally cold enough to embrace winter's cuddliest trend: knitwear.After a few years on the bench, knits have woven their way back into vogue: be it chunky and cable-y or fine and sleek, anything that's spent the better part of its life on the end of a knitting needle is what you'll need to hate winter mornings less (while looking super on trend, obviously).

Check it, knits for all occasions:

Sleek & Professional

Image source: Colour block knit dress, $129 from Cue; Mavenue ankle boot, $199.95 from Nine West; Jane Lamerton mod crop ponti jacket, $169 from Myer.

Sleek and professional
Well, you obviously mean business in this getup. Unzip the jacket and just add hosiery – or switch it up with a moto jacket and long boots for a weekend smart-casual look.

Sweet & Vintage

Image source: Wilderness deer cardi, $79.95 from Sportsgirl; Pleated A-line denim skirt, $ 99.95 from Levis; Thick stripe top, $39.95, from Portmans.

Sweet and vintage-y
Hello, you adorable so and so. Perhaps you'd like a vintage belt, long argyle socks and some wee patent leather brogues to complete this taste of nostalgia perfect for sitting in coffee shops and writing your blog or chasing butterflies in the street.

Preppy & Cool

Image source: Georgie shirt in Emerald, $69.95 from Sportsgirl; Shiny volcanic skinny jean from Levis; Textured front pullover, $129.95, from Witchery.

Preppy and cool
Ooh, yeah. You know what you're doing and you don't care WHO knows it. Leave the shirt untucked, button it to the neck, push up the jumper sleeves a little – maybe add a simple short necklace to sit under your collar… blammo. Killer.

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