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Trend: flat wedges

27 October 2011

It might sound a touch oxymoronic, but flat wedge sandals are the next big thingto save your tootsies this summer. Essentially, we're looking at a wedge ofheel with  minor-to-no incline; the basenot teetering too high, instead ranging around clog-esque heights. Yes, it'sthat clunky shoe look back fresh from jamming out to The Smashing Pumpkins intheir boyfriend's jeans and re-applying dark brown lipstick. (They're very90s).  And they're the next logicalprogression from the Dutch clog invasion of last summer. You're probably goingto hate them at first – it's certainly a lot less elegant than theLouboutin-inspired skyscraper heels we've seen around for so long, but trustme, these flat little babies are going to get under your skin, and eventually,in your shoe collection.

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Why? For starters, they're really damn comfortable. You're getting a wee heightboost sans agony, most of them have ankle straps so there's nogripping-for-dear-life -with-your-toes action, and it's actually a lot betterfor your feet to have that supportive wedge between it and the ground (asopposed to ultra flats, like ballerinas and Roman sandals).

For seconds, they're actually pretty damn fun to work into your wardrobe. Like aclog or a mary jane sandal, there's a touch of youthful naivety about it, whichis great to take the edge off a super polished tailored outfit; to un-femmesomething really girly, like a floral maxi; or to finish off your alreadyincredibly 90s ripped tee-skinny jean look.

And finally, like every other oversized accessory, they make you look petite incomparison. Take it from the Olsens: big, clunking shoes (bags, sunglasses andtakeaway coffees) emphasise your petiteness everywhere else. And as bags andsunnies start to shrink, shoes are the last vestige of oversized accessory tocling to - so cling on, people. Your barking dogs will thank me.

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