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Trend - Pastels

24 September 2010

You’ve probably already noticed. It’s been going on for a while, and when you’re in the thick of it, you always know, you know? Subconsciously. So, it’s my duty to report that as of Spring 2010, pastels have complete control of retailers everywhere.

Trend - Pastels

Image source: Portmans, Myer , Sportsgirl

To wit: a recent attempt to find an outfit for an (incredibly politically correct) ghetto fabulous themed costume party was thwarted at every turn by soft, feminine tones, liberty print, and remnants of Molly Ringwald’s Pretty in Pink wardrobe. Wither the bling, Perth?

It is an obvious fit for spring – fresh, pretty colours being the perfect fit for our blooming plant life, as well as brightening the complexion – and it’s just nice to be coaxed into something aside from navy and black.

Ruling over the pale tones is good old nude and lucky thing, because it’s the easiest to wear (and team with what’s already lurking in your closet). Nude tones run the gamut from cream based to yellow through to pink, so there’s choice in a deceptively limited spectrum – if you try on one nude and it doesn’t quite suit, keep ploughing on.

Pastel doesn’t have to be all frou-frou ballerina either. You can’t get much sleeker than a nude shift dress and ivory blazer, or a pair of chinos and a blouse. For those of us who lived through it already, be not afraid: start with accessories and work up from there.

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