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Trend - Double Denim

20 August 2010, by Rachael Ciccarelli

You know, after years of derogatory, "Texas Tuxedo" style remarks, of dodging questions as to whether you and your jean jacket have just stepped off a country music video clip, and seemingly endless Dolly Parton quips, one would think that double denim was dead and buried. Not so, thanks to the fashion world!

Yes, fashion is a fickle beast that will almost always tempt you into something you'd swear you'd never attempt again - but it's all about the new incarnations. Enter double denim, where it's not as easy as resurrecting your old, acid wash favourites:

Trend - Double Denim

Image source: Deelightful,

Instead, it's a chicer, subtler look that stole hearts everywhere when it was sent down the runways at Chloe this spring. (Although, if you want to rock the 9 to 5, rhinestone adorned acid wash - go right ahead, we love renegades).

The key to double denim this time around is the soft suiting, Annie Hall style androgyny. It's a look that's easiest to achieve with a denim shirt and jean in different shades of denim - steer clear of the matchy matchy! Beginners should keep it pale on top and dark on the bottom, and if you're feeling uncomfortable, break the denim with a plain white tee. Roll your shirt cuffs for a little bit of skin and that rebel without a cause flair, and stay away from belts (that's denim Dan territory).

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