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28 March 2014, by Forrest Chase

Enex100 Champagne


To launch Autumn/Winter 14 fashion, enex100 and Forrest Chase are hosting Perth’s Largest Shopping Party!

You can enjoy exclusive one day only discounts from over 70 stores at both enex100 and Forrest Chase, champagne* and delicious treats. Plus, spend over $75 at enex100 or Forrest Chase to go in the draw to win Business Class flights^ to New York thanks to Etihad Airways!

Park with ease – use the code "Shop" when booking a bay online through Wilson's and receive the discounted parking rate of $15 day parking and $6 night parking at Central Park or Kings Complex. With so many exciting activities on Friday April 4 - save the date and get ready to shop!

Check out the Shopping Party offers for exclusive one-day-only discounts at enex100 and Forrest Chase!

*One glass of champagne on arrival at enex100 18+, enjoy responsibly.

^Terms and conditions apply to Etihad Competition and will be posted at the commencement of the competition.

SATC Graphic


To Launch Autumn/Winter 14, multi-award winning and world renowned costume designer Patricia Field will fly to Perth this April to launch this season’s biggest must-see fashion Exhibition, STYLE AND THE CITY, presented by enex100 and Forrest Chase.

Known for her glamorous designs in the Sex and the City franchises, the Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winner will take over Perth’s fashion scene with Style and the City, when she brings 24 outfits from the iconic TV series to Perth for the very first time. This means you have the exclusive opportunity to experience up close and personal, outfits from Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda’s stylish wardrobes.

Visit @enex100 and @forrestchase on Instagram to find our more or visit

EY Logo


GET CARRIED AWAY TO NYC – Presented by Etihad Airways

Simply spend $75 or more at Forrest Chase (including Myer) or enex100 retailers from April 4 – 1 May to go in the draw to win return Business Class airfares to New York for you and a friend.*

*Terms and conditions Apply. Open to WA residents only 18+. Competition begins 4.4.14 – 1.5.14, Winner announced Friday 9 May. Enter instore, accommodation and spending money not included. Flights valid from July 16, 2014 onwards and expire 2 years from Friday 9 May. Cannot be redeemed for cash.

Personal style


Discover your personal style with a free styling session!

As of the 11 April 2014 you will be able to uncover your individual new season style with the help of our experienced stylists. Book an hour long session for either enex100 or Forrest Chase, bring a friend and be prepared to learn about this seasons trends and what will make you look your best this Autumn/Winter. You will visit your favourite stores and we will have you feeling confident and on trend this season! And remember, its not only the ladies that need to look fabulous, so tell the gents in town to book too! Bookings essential, positions limited.


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How to make the most of your home wares

27 February 2014, by Rachael Ciccarelli

2014 Homewares

Image source:

After a weekend spent moving house, I’ve been in heavy re-decoration mode: seizing the ability to breathe new life into an existing space and shuffling all my home wares about, finding holes that need to be filled. I’m big on home wares – they’re an oft inexpensive, very easy and always effective way to revitalise your house and add a sense of personality to the space. They are to the house what accessories are to an outfit, and unsurprisingly, I can’t get enough of them.

Colour blocking

2014 Homewares 1

Image sources: Salt and Pepper Oink money box, $9.95, from Myer; Trinket dish – fox head, $25, from Pigeonhole; Chevron camomile throw, $69.95, from Laura Ashley; Salt and Pepper Fiesta plate, $9.95, from Myer; Cube vase, $12.95, from Pigeonhole; Ladelle Mila Jacquard tea towels, $8.95, from Myer.

A failsafe tip for effective home styling? Colour blocking. Grouping objects like vases, books and crockery of the same colour together in a book case, or picking a vivid accent colour for your room and incorporating it through furniture and homewares is an always-stylish way to revitalise your living space – and to display pieces that might have been hiding away in cupboards.

Prints and patterns

2014 Homewares 2

Image sources: Orla Kiley House lamp, $499.95, from Myer; Red Southsea Stripe mug, $19.95, from Laura Ashley; Peony Garden cushion, $49.95, from Laura Ashley; Pattern blanket, $79, from Pigeonhole; Sorrento floor rug, $34.97, from Laura Ashley.

Be it feminine and sweet, wild bohemian or graphic and bold, be not afraid of prints in the home. Printed home wares are an especially easy way to add serious life to a room without committing to a major piece of furniture – just make sure that you pick one loose theme and stick to it, or things can get a little crazy.

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Nailed it

21 February 2014, by Rachael Ciccarelli

2014 Nailed it

Image source:

More than just a little shield of armour to protect the squishy bit on the end of your finger or something to bite when you’re nervous, nails are a fashion statement. An oft-overlooked opportunity to accessorise. The crucial bit of polish on a carefully constructed outfit. Manicures, pedicures and all things nail-art have been enjoying their time in the spotlight for the last few years, but like any trend, it’s one that is constantly evolving – and because the medium of nails is paint, the possibilities are endless. So, let’s get inspired and have a look at what 2014 has to offer us in the world of nails:

2014 Nailed it 1

  1. Chrome:
    As always, metallics rule the roost – shades of silver in particular. You can’t go wrong with a good bit of chrome on your nails: you can get away with a few scratches and chips and it will tone in with anything you wear.
  2. Fresh takes on the French mani:
    Fashion loves taking the known and turning it upside down – this is no different. Take one classic nail, invert it, turn it upside down or any-which-way you please.
  3. The halo effect:
    This is sort of like an inverted French manicure to the next level: on a black or white background, carefully apply a pool of colour leaving a pencil thin glow around the edge. This one is best left to a pro.
  4. Stiletto nails:
    I love this shape – it elongates the finger and reminds me of those dream “lady nails” I used to fantasise about as a young girl. You knew you had made it to womanhood if you couldn’t peel an orange or open a yoghurt lid without assistance. Wear them sharp and pointed or soft and almond shaped, either way; you’ve got a lot of growing to do.
  5. Retro airbrushed nail art:
    I sense the return of slightly cheesy airbrush nail art might be in our midst – it’s a great one to try out in summer and a wonderful counter to a more serious outfit. Airbrushed nail art also has a very heavy west coast hip hop vibe, which is right on trend for everything in street wear at present.
  6. All things leopard:
    If you’re going to do any nail art at all, you can’t go wrong with leopard: fashion’s official mascot. Make it bright like the rainbow, paint spots on a nude background or go for classic tan shades.

As always, some things (like the halo effect or leopard, or airbrushed stencils) are only really achievable with someone who knows nails like the back of their hand – the folks at Foxy Nails and Professionail on level one at Forrest Chase know what they’re doing and the prices are low enough to keep you coming back for something fresh. But even without tricky nail art, it’s still nice to get your nails done by a pro – the mani always lasts longer and looks smoother.

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Electric dreams

13 February 2014, by Rachael Ciccarelli

2014 Electric Dreams

Image source:

Being the savvy, hyper educated humans of the 22nd century that we undoubtedly are (yesterday I tripped on a piece of paper by getting my bare toes caught in it!), I know there’s no need to extol the virtues of electric appliances in our lives. Computers, washing machines, mobile phones that we can use to answer email and awkwardly transfer funds on the spot? We’d be lost and significantly dirtier without them. But you already know how great those are: I’m here to reveal the unsung heroes of the electric appliance world – the little gadgets that are just waiting patiently on shelves to make your life better if you would only notice them. And once you make first contact, believe me: you won’t be able to live without them.

2014 Electric Dreams 1

Image sources: Breville Ikon 2 Sandwich press, $69.95, from Myer; High speed HDMI cable 5m, $55, from Dick Smith; Logitech Pure-Fi Express plus, $59, from Dick Smith.

  1. You think your jaffle has got it all worked out with its scalding hot pockets of liquid cheese? No, my friend. The flat press is where it’s at. Not only can you use it to toast sandwiches to your heart’s content, this Breville number has adjustable height, so you can grill open faced sandwiches, make cheesies, re-heat pizza without it going soggy or dry, toast your banana bread (or anything else that’s too wide to fit in your toaster, like croissants) and if you’re me, use it as a hot plate to cook buttermilk pancakes because the clean up is so much easier.
  2. I’m going to be honest: I didn’t know the HDMI to HDMI cable existed until my housemate brought it into my life, and now it’s definitely something I can’t live without. Simply put: the HDMI cable is something nifty you can use to connect most modern TVs to your laptop/computer. Check all the plugs – sometimes converters are required (Dick Smith has all the converters you need, we have one that plugs into our macs). Now that I can plug my laptop into the TV – I can use it to watch all of the legally downloaded content my heart desires, forever. No transferring to an external hard drive. I can watch stuff on YouTube or use it to pump out music if I want – it just creates a mirror of what is on your computer to the TV. And I especially love the 5m cable length – essential for having your laptop on your lap, so you can use it like a gigantic remote.
  3. If you don’t have an iPod speaker yet, what are you doing with your life? You’ve got all that music trapped in your little rectangle and no way to share. The Logitech dock makes it so easy – it’s just plug and play, but what’s even better is that this one is battery operated, so you can take it to the park, or on a boat, or anywhere else where mains power is just a little too far away and still fill your life with music. You’ll be the hero of the party – trust me

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