The Men’s Fashion Scene Is All About Keeping It Relaxed.

Compared to womenswear, men’s fashion has never received the same level of hype or coverage. In the deafening noise of multi-million dollar couture catwalks and regularly re-grammed female fashion bloggers, the men’s fashion scene appears to be relatively quiet. But there’s a silent rebellion brewing away; a persistent hum at a completely separate octave from the loud world of women’s fashion.

 Over the last few years, men have been figuring out where fashion fits in their lives – something women have been encouraged to do for decades. For Perth men, there seems to be very little primping or posing; ‘understated’ seems to be the overriding mantra from Kalamunda to Cottesloe. The men’s fashion circuit isn’t trying to match the grandeur and spectacle of female-focused fashion. It’s all about starting a conversation that is as simple as: guys, pay attention to your threads. 

There’s a possibility I am wrong in all of this – I am, after all, a female (and one who loves clothes that are interesting yet slightly ridiculous). To prevent any bias, I’ve turned to the real experts: Perth men. Browsing the social pages & #Perth hashtag, we’ve found a selection of West Coast men who deliver the goods on a regular basis.

Whether they are low-key dressers or trend trailblazers, here are the men getting the West Coast hooked on style.

Ben Conroy

The Minimalist Entrepreneur

@ben.conroy / 

Your personal style in a sentence:

Anything black and white. 

What, or who, inspires your clothing brand ‘Base by Ben’?

I’ve come to find richness in simplicity, in the way we live and the way we dress – keep it simple. Right now I’m vibing on David Beckham and Elle Macpherson as muses. Effortlessly chic always.

How is the style of Perth’s men evolving?

I think men are starting to feel more comfortable about exploring with their wardrobe. Whether social media has played a role in that or just the current zeitgeist I’m not sure but I see men venturing out of their comfort zones all the time and its great to see diversity across many sub cultures.

What 3 items are essential to every Aussie man’s wardrobe?

A good plain black tee, a plain white tee, (sleeves cuffed) and good pair of black skinny jeans. Classics that can be dressed up or down and always feel comfortable. 

Jake Saunders

The Young Gun


Your personal style in a sentence.

My style changes depending on where I’m headed I guess but generally like a lot of oversized dark pieces, baggy hoodies, mesh vests all those kind of things.

Would you say you’re interested in fashion? Is it important to you?

Definitely! inherited the love of it from my beautiful mother.

How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

Hmmm, I guess I just put one piece of clothing on and then work around it until I’m happy with the fit.

You’ve gained a substantial following on instagram. Why do you think people choose to follow you? 

I’m really not too sure, possibly just enjoying the outfits I put together I suppose?

What’s your go-to festival outfit? 

I don’t necessarily have a go-to, depending on the festival I will pick a specific brand and then try and organize a fit from the one brand. few of my most recent festival fits were KTZ, and don’t sweat! currently in the process of organizing listen out 2018!

Marksman Lloyd

The Rising Star


Describe your sound.

I think my sound is definitely influenced by the more socially aware and intelligent hip hop coming out in the late 90s and early 00s. My favourite emcees are guys like Mos Deg and slug from Atmosphere, so that’s where I got my bearings as a rapper. I’m also super influenced by artists like Dylan and Rodriguez. Makes for an interesting mix, I guess.

Your personal style in a sentence. 

If Bob Dylan and Kanye West had to share a wardrobe you’d probably be in the ballpark.

Where does fashion fit in the music scene – for both artists and gig-goers?

Fashion is a huge part of hip hop culture and music culture in general. It’s another way to express ourselves. I really dig artists that aren’t afraid to create their own lane and think outside the box a little when it comes to what they wear. 

How do you decide what to wear onstage?

Usually I opt for something pretty simple on stage. T-shirt, jeans and vans or something. I finish the set drenched so can’t be up there stunting in Doc Martins and bomber jackets. I’ve tried. It isn’t pretty.

What does the rest of 2017 have in store?

I’m about to release my next EP ‘Portals’ in August. I’m super excited about it. It’s my first project since 2014. I’ll follow that up with a national tour.

Johanna Borger x