Your days of watching Netflix for 7 hours straight are over. Semester 2 is upon us.

While we know that education is important, enthusiasm for semester 2 is at the lower end of the Elle Woods spectrum. Arguably the best film of the 2000s (if not all-time), the enthusiastic stilettoed law student is a far cry from the reality of a back-to-school student. There’s a lot less pink lipstick smiles, and a lot more ‘here we go again’ as we map out the best route to avoid guild election campaigners.

 It’s time to muster some of that Elle Woods optimism. You’re going to start this semester prepared with the university essentials! You’re going to finish 3000 word essays with more than 10 minutes to spare! You’re not going to watch 10 lectures a day before the exam! #NewSemNewYou.

Here’s 6 university essentials to ensure uni goes down smoother than your third coffee of the day.

Gym Membership

6 University Essentials For Semester 2

Staying physically active is super important during the semester. Not only does it have obvious benefits to your physique, but it can provide you with a much needed break from the books.Plus, it’s an excellent stress reliever. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands/uni tutors/group members, they just don’t.

If you find it difficult to muster up the motivation to go for a run, sign up to a gym that runs classes and let a trainer whip you into shape. Or make it a fun activity to do with the bestie.


Trial Goodlife Health Club for 5 days free. Classes include body pump, body attack, pace and barre. Memberships start from $17.95 a week. 

Stationery Staples

We’re not talking pens and paper here, these are the real essentials. Water Bottle to keep up your hydration levels for a sharp mind in class (and ready for a night on the town). Palm cards to efficiently deliver a class presentation that you started preparing for approximately 48 minutes ago. And headphones to listen to lectures.

Just kidding. I know you’re still watching netflix.


Happy Plugs In-Ear Headphones – MYER ($49.95); Palm Cards – Woolworths ($3); Dot Titan 600ml Drink Bottle – MYER ($28.95)

Note-Taking Tech

6 University Essentials For Semester 2

A word of advice for all the freshmen starting mid-year: you can’t blame a late assignment on computer issues. Your lecturer will laugh, adjust their monocle and inform you that a 10% late penalty still applies.

If your laptop has seen better days, it may be time to invest in a new one. Before you commit to a purchase, have a think about the requirements of your course. All units have a research and essay writing component, but if you’re enrolled in the arts, advertising or architecture there’s a high chance you’ll need to programmes like Photoshop or InDesign. If this is the case, a decent RAM and high screen resolution is a must.


The HP Spectre X360 Notebook – MYER ($1799.00)

Room Set-Up

As lecturers love to remind us, the majority of learning at university happens outside of the classroom. I can almost hear the collective groan of students remembering their required readings, recorded lecturers and worksheets. Create a suitable and serene study space at home with a few simple additions. Make sure their is plenty of light both natural, for during the day, and lamp lit for evening study sessions. Keep the environment inviting too with a vision board, a scented candle and simple greenery.

And if you don’t have a green thumb – don’t stress. Cactus’s count too.


Salt & Pepper Mood Metal Antique Lamp – MYER ($69.95); VUE Infusion Vision Board 50x50cm – MYER ($59.95); Mozi Triple Wick Candle – MYER ($49.95)

Re-Usable Coffee Cup

6 University Essentials For Semester 2

Ask any professional adult where their 3-cups-a-day coffee habit kicked off from and I guarantee it will involve a last minute assignment. According to a US study, 78% of university freshmen consume above the recommended level of caffeine per day. It’s possibly the least-shocking revelation of the century. Besides, perhaps, Jon Snow being revealed as Rhaegar Targaryen’s son.

While your coffee habit shows no sign of stopping, make sure you do stop your carbon footprint. Buy yourself a handy little keepcup for your morning, midday and afternoon brew. Some cafe’s will even shout you a discount too for your good behaviour.


KeepCup Original 340ml Reusable Coffee Cup – MYER ($16.95)

Versatile Wardrobe

While you’re at uni, chances are your life will be funded by slightly soul-destroying shifts at a hospitality or retail job. Between required unit materials, fuel, parking, rent, groceries and weekend frivolities, there’s not likely to be a lot left out of that part-time employment budget for clothes. It’s an unfortunate reality, but one that can be circumnavigated easily (and without a circumnavigation 101 class). Build up a wardrobe of basics that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Not sure where to start? We’ve listed some versatility-approved options below.

The-Girl-With-The-HD-Tattoo Essentials

Trucker Jacket – Jay Jays ($59.95); Scoop Tee – Jay Jays ($10); Abrand High Skinny Ankle Basher – Live Clothing ($140); Lana Boot – Windsor Smith at Myer ($169.95)

The-Guy-Who-You-Want-In-Your-Group-Assignment Essentials

Blaq Goose Bomber Jacket – MYER ($129.95); Basic Long Sleeve Tee – Jay Jays ($20); Crop Chino Pant – Jay Jays ($39.95); Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers – MYER ($130)

Johanna Borger x