Wearing the same pieces day-in, day-out?

Time to give your jewellery box a 2017 shake up.


I have a problem. My room is overflowing with an array of things jewelled, rose gold and gleaming. They fill up quaint little boxes and trays; they hang off the side of my bookcase; they get sucked up the vacuum when I clean my room.

Yet I only wear a select few pieces.

It’s easy to fall into a safe jewellry routine – sticking to things you know work. And while it’s not necessarily bad to rely on a few simple pieces, every so often you need to break out and hit refresh.

Ready to take a risk? Set aside your trusty stack-able ring set, leave your Tiffany & Co heart necklace in the box. It’s time to experiment with 2017 and find some new lovable additions to your jewellery set. Read on for the trends we think are worth experimenting with.

Celestial Being

Gather round, this is your new mantra: If it doesn’t have at least one glittering star, I don’t want to hear about it. For the Sci-Fi opposed, don’t worry – this trend is less Star Wars and more Gypsy Stargazing. Dramatic re-interpretations of the night sky constellations, jewelled stars and moons can be seen on every fashion-forward woman. And if you are still skeptical about trying the trend, just consult your horoscope. We are fairly certain the planets are aligned on this one.


Clustered Star Chain Brooch – Cue ($167.20); Rose Gold Star Statement Earrings – Sportsgirl ($19.95)

Get Geometric

We’re not sure who’s bright idea it was to combine fashion with mathematics, but we are pleasantly surprised with the results. Geometric shapes work great as day-to-night jewellery; adding an element of intrigue to simple work outfits, but striking enough for the Friday night bar hop. Sleek & structured, these pieces are brilliant for those of us who bide by the less-is-more approach to accessorising.


 Wayne By Wayne Cooper Geometric Metal Torque Drop Necklace – MYER ($59.95) Geo Circle Drop Earrings – Portmans ($16.95)

Stranger Things

Still burning with Stranger Things fever? It seems you’re not the only one. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find find pieces of jewellery that are just a little bit strange. Try out Kenzo’s eye-emblazoned necklace or Sportsgirl’s quirky-cool squiggle earrings and count out how many times you get asked: ‘just where did you get that?’

Squiggle Earrings – Sportsgirl ($14.95); Kenzo Coin Necklace – MYER($228) 

Baroque Bling

Ostentatious is the new normal. Channel your inner 1600’s aristocrat with jewellery that refuses to let you pass by ignored. Dramatic and bejeweled, this style can seem daunting to approach – so make sure you wear everything with an air of unapologetic and regal attitude. And if someone questions your choice in accessories? Off with their head!

Ornate Cross Drama Earrings – Portmans ($24.95); Wayne By Wayne Cooper Floral Gem Clusters Necklace – MYER ($69.95)

Classic Pendants

Take the plunge with the true chameleon of the fashion world; pendant necklaces. The ultimate all-rounder, they can be subtly layered during the day, or make a sexy statement when paired with something a little low cut at night. It’s the versatility of styling that makes these necklaces non-negotiably necessary.

Fine Shapes Pendant – Noni B ($29.95); Circle Tassel Pendant Necklace Gold – Sportsgirl ($16.95)

Johanna Borger x