Twas’ the Thursday before Easter, and all through the state, cars’ headed out of the city for their weekend escape.

The Easter long weekend is essentially the final hurrah before coats come out of storage and salads are substituted for soup. But while you prepare for your weekend away – be in down south, up north or interstate – take a moment to consider the little things you may have overlooked in the chocolate-fuelled frenzy.

Secure your home.

While families are eagerly awaiting a visit from the Easter bunny, there are more sinister visitors to be aware of. Easter often sees a spike in the number of home break in’s across the Perth metropolitan area – so before you leave for a weekend away, make sure your house is secure. Lock doors and windows, stash away valuables, and ask a neighbour, family member or friend to keep an eye on things while you are away. Packages by the front door and an overflowing letterbox can be the first tip off that the house is unoccupied, so keeping these little things in check is your first line of defence against opportunistic thieves.


Stay Time Conscious.

The sad truth with the Easter Break is that it is deceivingly short. Maximise your me-time by keeping tabs on the clock before you set off on your trip. Organise your travel bag a few days before and pack the car the night before you leave; this way, you can simply clamber in and go the next morning. To beat the infamous Easter Break traffic, consider leaving earlier than usual on Friday morning. You’ll get to your destination earlier (with lower stress levels) and nobody will judge you if the kids arrive still in their bunny pyjamas.

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 Beat The Chocolate Binge

Navigating supermarkets at Easter Time is tricky for even the most health-conscious of us. Snack-sized bags of Easter eggs tempt us at the end of every aisle, the aroma of freshly baked hot cross buns wafts through the air, hot chocolates suddenly taste 100 x better than usual. If you want to circumnavigate over-indulgence this Easter and keep striving for those health and fitness goals, try these tips to stay on track.

  • Treat yo’ self to healthy alternatives: Scout out cacao products or high-quality dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa) to satisfy that persistent sugar craving.
  • Spread the word: let your friends and relatives know that you are going light this Easter. Chances are they’ll support your decision – and some may even join in.
  • Keep track: Stop mindless snacking over the break by keeping a food diary close by. Not only will you be more mindful of what you consume, but you’ll know when to stop.

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Keep The Kids Entertained

Pop quiz: What’s more infuriating than ‘Are we there yet’ from the backseat? Hearing it repeatedly. Over the course of 5 hours. And not being anywhere near the elusive ‘there’ yet. To entertain the kids outside the hours of egg hunts and chocolate consumption, pack an Easter entertainment bag filled with pencils, board games, books and toys. If you have a bit of time spare before you leave, create a map of your trip and turn it into a treasure hunt. Have the kids mark off towns they go through and the sights they see. Not only will your stress levels be alleviated, but it will create a memento from their trip to present at school show-and-tell.

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

Johanna Borger x